I’ve Written 300+ Articles in the Last Year Alone

Here are my 5 best takeaways.

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In April of 2020, I decided to join some random platform that I stumbled upon online. That platform was called Medium.

I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I had no idea how to format my articles, add photos, or submit to publications.

I began self-publishing stories about a wide array of different topics, and in doing so developed my own unique style of writing and discovered the top niches I wanted to cover.

In the year since I joined Medium, I have amassed about 16,000 followers (thank you so much for supporting my work!) and published over 300 articles. Through the process, I have experienced many ups and downs in terms of success, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

I thought that I’d share my top takeaways with all of you today, as I now feel a lot less like a confused novice and a lot more like a true Medium blogger. Here are the top five lessons I’ve learned in one year of blogging.

1. You need to find this.

No matter who you are, you have to find the core group of readers you connect with. This takes a lot of writing, publishing, patience, and trial and error.

When I started on Medium, I wrote about everything from politics to pop culture to business. Now, I publish a lot of health and fitness related articles, and that’s what a large portion of my reader base enjoys.

I have spent 10+ years in competitive sports and I also ran cross-country and track collegiately, so I think I bring a unique perspective to a number of fitness topics. It truly is a double win because my readers love health/fitness focused articles, and I love writing them.

If you are just getting started on Medium, you need to find the topics you feel most comfortable writing about. That way, you will be able to connect with readers who truly enjoy your work, and who will continue to support your blogging journey.

2. The more you write, the better.

There is so much controversy surrounding this second point. Some successful writers will tell you to put quality over quantity.

I say, why can’t you do both? I produce one quality article every day, six to seven times per week. This schedule works for me, and it allows me to cover a number of different topics I am passionate about.

I truly don’t think I would have found my niches, style, and topics which I wanted to write about regularly without producing content daily. While writing an article or two per week might work for some people, I think that everyone should write as much as they can in the beginning.

Even if you scrap half of what you write, practice truly does make perfect. Keep at it, and you will continually improve in your writing, which will ultimately help you find success as a blogger.

3. You can make money writing (this is proof).

I have been told countless times that I wouldn’t be able to make real money writing. For a long time, I believed that was true.

Through this past year, I have learned that you can make money writing if you put the work in. This isn’t just true on Medium, but also with freelance work, or even professional jobs, such as technical writing or copywriting.

There will always be the critics out there telling you that you can’t do something, but if you block them out and focus on your goals, you can succeed at anything, including blogging.

Now, I’m not saying that writing is going to make you rich. It probably won’t. However, you can make a living through writing, and if it’s a passion of yours, then it is certainly worth pursuing.

4. Don’t force it.

There have been days when I really didn’t feel like writing. I was either mentally exhausted, had an extremely stressful day, or just felt burned out.

Almost every time that I try to force myself to write, I basically scrap the entire article.

What I have come to realize over this past year is that you can’t force great writing. When you sit down to write with a fresh mind, the words will be able to flow out of you more easily. If you are mentally exhausted, it will show in your work.

While you certainly have to devote a lot of time to writing if you want to succeed, that time should be meaningful and focused. If you truly think you need a day off from blogging, you probably do. Don’t be afraid to take it, and return with a fresh, sharp mind.

5. Don’t expect this (ever).

You cannot and should not expect money, virality, views, or reads. Some people will tell you that if a piece is truly incredible, it will reach a wide audience without fail.

I disagree. I have found many hidden gems that didn’t reach very many people, but I found them truly insightful and inspiring. Even some of the articles I have written this past year and consider to be some of my personal favorites have flopped.

The final takeaway that I have learned through a year of writing countless articles on Medium is that you should write for two core reasons —personal joy and to connect with your readers.

Views and money might not be guaranteed, but those things won’t stop your words from resonating with others. The true happiness comes from connecting with others and impacting them in a positive way. Remember that as you begin your blogging journey.

Final Thoughts

Do more of what you love every single day, and there is no way that you will fail.

When I first started writing on Medium, I had no expectations for myself. No set monthly reads I wanted to hit, no amount of money I hoped to make, and no intent to go “viral”. I simply wanted to share my opinions with those who cared to listen.

Success often comes when you least expect it, but it is no accident. Work hard repeatedly, day after day, and there is no limit to what you will accomplish.

Check out my blog, nomeatfastfeet.com, for more helpful content!

Ohio U XC/Track alum. I love to run. I blog about food, health, fitness, lifestyle, + more! My Links (Blog, YouTube, etc.): https://linktr.ee/nomeatfastfeet

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